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Q: How many times did Floyd mayweather and Oscar dela hoya fight?
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Who has won the most boxing world titles at different weights?

thomas hearns sugar ray leonard oscar de la hoya (actually 7 titles in 6 divisions) floyd mayweather manny pacquiao (actually 7 titles in 7 divisons)

How much can Floyd Mayweather bench press?

Prior to the Hatton fight, Manny Pacquiao bench pressed the standard bar with three 45 pound plates on each side. That's 315 pounds. He did one full rep, lowered for a second rep, but could not push it back up on his own for the second rep.Fighters weighing 150 pounds who can bench 225 (2 plates on each side) are considered strong for their sizes. Pacquiao, at about 150 "walk around" pounds, benches 90 pounds more. This explains why Pacquiao is so fast and powerful, as speed, and therefore power, is a function of strength-to-weight ratio.A more interestingly, based on the fact that Pacquiao can bench 315 lb, we can extrapolate that he would be able to bench 225 lb approximately 12 times!

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