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Down have never won the All-Ireland Hurling Final.

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Q: How many times did Down win the All-Ireland Hurling Final?
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How many times has Down won the All Ireland Hurling final?

Down has never won the All-Ireland Hurling final.

Who won the 1961 All Ireland GAA final?

Tipperary won the Hurling final and Down won the Football final.

Does Co Down play hurling?

Evert county in Ireland plays Hurling, so yes Co. Down does play Hurling.

Who won 1960 All Ireland?

Down won the 1960 All-Ireland Football Final. Wexford won the 1960 All-Ireland Hurling Final.

What sports where played in county down?

Gaelic football hurling all Ireland final achievements golf famous golf courses

Who won the 2010 all Ireland Hurling and Football Finals and what was the score?

The 2010 All-Ireland Senior Hurling final: Tipperary 4 - 17 (29) Kilkenny 1 - 18 (21) The 2010 All-Ireland Senior Football Final: Cork 0 - 16 Down 0 - 15

How many All Ireland titels has down senior hurling won?

As of the end of the 2010 championships Down have never won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling title.

Who won the all Ireland championships in 1988?

Football: Meath Hurling: Galway Club Football: Burren (Down) Club Hurling: Midleton (Cork)

What counties have never reached and all Ireland final both hurling and football?

The following counties have never been in the football final: Leitrim Fermanagh Kilkenny Wicklow Carlow Sligo Longford Westmeath The following counties have never been in the Hurling final. Armagh Cavan Derry Donegal Down Kildare Louth Longford Leitrim Roscommon Sligo Wicklow Fermanagh Tyrone Mayo Meath Westmeath Carlow Monaghan

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Who were the 2 hurling teams that played in Wembley in 1961?

Kerry v down

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