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Q: How many times did Beth phoenix lift two women?
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What is Beth phoenix's max lift?

117 kg or 253lbs (melina +mickie james)

How do they lift people in the air in the order of the phoenix?

with a spell.

Do women like to lift women?


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It means to have a fivesome with germen women in a lift using a carrot

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You smell your butt 1,000 times to lift weights

What is this new thing going around called lift and carry?

Lift and carry is a fetish where mainly men like to be lifted and carried by women. This can also pertain to women lifting other women. For some people lift and carry is sexually arousing.

Can one man lift two women at once?

Depends on his physical strenght, average men can lift two slim women at once, no problem, strong men can lift 3 chicks or more.

Do Women Like To Lift And Carry Men?

In my view some women like to lift their man.Even some lift and carry during or before foreplay.I think the most funniest enjoying(if you hav lift carry fetish) and embarrasing moment ofmans life is if woman lifts him during sex. i agree that is lifting during sex is most sexy thing in any man`s life because it comes normally frome his partner according to her desire but generally i think there is few women love lift and carry men

How much can reggie Wayne lift?

He can lift 100 lbs. 2 times

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Yes. Example? Aneta Florczyk - she can lift cars without any problem.

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A true spider can lift eight times its weight.

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Absolutely not. It isn't recommended to lift more than 10.