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Q: How many times did Australia play Oceania football?
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How many times did Australia play at the Oceania football confederation Nations cup?

6 times

How many times Australia play at Oceania football confederation nations cup?


I need a correct answser how many times did Australia play Oceania football cup?

6 times

How many Buddhists are in Australia?

=Total Buddhists in Australia and Oceania (1.80%)==611,496=

In Oceania which country contains deserts?

Australia is considered to be part of the Pacific region of Oceania, and has many deserts.

About how many people live in Australia Oceania and Antarctica?


Aren't Oceania and Australia the same place?

Australia is not part of Oceania which is sometimes called Australasia. Oceania also includes New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and many Pacific Islands.

Is Australia now called Oceania?

No, Australia is still called Australia, as it has been since 1824. There are no plans to rename Australia as Oceania. Oceania is a region comprising the nations of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea, as well as many nations and islands, each politically and culturally separate from the others.

How many times have Australia won the world cup for football?

Australia has never won the FIFA World Cup.

How many countries are in the continents are in austrillia?

Only one country is located on the continent of Australia: Australia. However, the remaining 13 countries of Oceania (a Pacific region) are usually included with Australia in the "continent" of Australia & Oceania. So in total, there are 14.

How many lawyers are there in Australia?

There are about 40,000 lawyers in Australia. Source:

Is Oceania the same continent as Australia?

No, Oceania is a geographical and geopolitical region.Australia is included in it, but it is not a continent, even though many people seem to think that it is.

How many times has Australia won the football World Cup?

Australia have never won the football World Cup, even though the country/continent is so large. But they have appeared at the World Cup three times.

How many times has Australia participated in the World Cup?

Soccer/Football? Twice 1964 and 2006

What country in Australia is made up of two main islands?

The only country in Australia is Australia, and it is made up of a continent of Australia and the island of Tasmania. About 2000km southeast of Australia is New Zealand, a country made up of two main islands and many smaller islands. Like Australia, it is within the geographic region of Oceania. There is a common misconception that Australia is the same as Oceania. It is not. Australia is a continent and a country. It is within the region of Oceania, which is not a continent.

How many times hasAustralia won the world cup?

Australia has never won the Football World Cup.

About how many islands are in Oceania?

how many islands are in oceania

Are Australia and New Zealand part of the same continent?

No. Australia is on the Australian continent, and the only country on the continent. New Zealand is not part of the Australian continent. It is composed of many islands. There is a mistaken belief that Australia is the same as Oceania. Australia and Oceania are two completely different things. Australia lies within the political region known as Oceania, which comprises also the islands of New Guinea, New Zealand and various other island nations in the South Pacific. By geographical definition, Oceania is not a continent.

How many times did he come to Australia?

how many times did the Rolling Stones come to Australia

How many country in Oceania?

There are 14 countries in Oceania.

How many people play football in Australia?

Football is being played by approximately 14 157 914 people in Australia.

How many years has Hyundai sponsored Australia's A - league football?

Hyundai has sponsored Australia's A League football for 10 years

How many times can Mexico fit into Australia?

how many times would mexico fit into australia

How many civil partnerships have been registered in Oceania?

At least 3,726 civil partnerships have been registered in Oceania as follows:New Zealand - 2,591 as of 12/31/11; and,Australia - at least 1,135.

Do they call Australia Oceania?

No they call the continent Oceania to include Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and other small islands that make up that continent. Calling the continent just Australia was leaving out many islands that are around there that weren't being included as "part" of the continent when people where looking at it though they actually are.