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Once unless the ball does not pass the line of scrimmage, or a defensive penalty is called.

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Q: How many times can you kick for a field goal in one possession?
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Why do they kick a field goal after a touchdown?

Because after a touchdown, the player will kick into a field goal to 1 point.

Can anyone other than the designated kicker kick field goal?

Anyone can kick a field goal.

In the NFL if you return a missed field goal and get tackled short of the spot of the kick where does your team take possession?

Where he or she just got tackled

What do you kick a field goal through?

the goal post

In football what happens if you miss a field goal on first down?

If the field goal is blocked, and you recover, you can re-kick another field goal. If you miss the field goal it is a turnover. So, it is best to kick your field goal on 4th down

Can you kick a field goal in the Canadian football league on second down and re-kick on 3rd down?

When a team kicks the ball, it gives up possession of the ball. I'm not sure if you meant whether a team that unsuccessfully attempts a field goal on second down is entitled to try for another field goal on third down, or if you meant whether a team that successfully kicks a field goal on second down gets another attempt to kick a field goal on third down, but in either instance the answer is 'no.' You only get one kick at the ball.

How far can Tanner kick a field goal?

55 yard field goal as a sophmore.

How do you kick a field goal?

using a tee

Do you get the ball back after a drop kick field goal?

No, its just like a regular field goal.

Can you kick a free kick field goal after a fair catch?

In the NFL yes.

How many points is a field goal kick?


How much time does an NFL field goal kicker have to kick the ball?

When they score a touchdown they have to kick it away and also they have to make a pat after the touchdown or if its a field goal

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