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High school is 5; 3 60 second time outs and 2 30 second time outs

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Q: How many timeouts does a team get per game?
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How many timeouts are there in a men's college basketball game?

One for each team

How many timeouts in professional basketball?

In an NBA game, each team is given six timeouts. They get four 60-second timeouts and two 20-second timeouts.

How many timeouts in HS basketball in a game?

You get three 30 second timeouts and 2 full timeouts per game

How many timeouts does a team get in an NFL football game?

You get 3 timeouts per half, and 2 timeouts for each overtime.

How many timeouts does each team have per overtime period?


How many TV timeouts are allowed in an NFL game?

Each team is allotted three time outs per half.

How many timeouts does each team have per inning in fastpitch softball?


How many timeouts in hockey?

There is one time-out per team in one game.It is a 30 second time-out

How long is a time out in an nba game?

There are 30 sec. and 60 sec. timeouts. Each team gets 3 timeouts per half

How many time outs is one team allowed in one half in basketball?

For the NBA, each team has six timeouts for each game, four of which are mandatory and are used at specific times in each of the four quarters. Each team also has two 20-second timeouts which can be used (one in each half, and they cannot be carried over or saved). In overtime, each team receives three full timeouts. For College, in non-televised games each team gets 4-75 second and 2-30 second timeouts per game. In televised games each team gets 1-60 second and 4-30 second timeouts, with an unused 60 second and a maximum of 3 unused 30 second timeouts carrying over to the second half.

When can a team request a time out volleyball?

The coach can can call a timeout anytime when the ball is not in play. He/She only has two timeouts per game, though.

How many time outs permitted each set in volleyball?

Each team gets 2 timeouts per set.