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One AnswerManchester United have won the carling cup three times:1992, 2006 and 2010 Another AnswerThey have currently won it 4 times.

1992, 2006, 2009, and 2010.

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Four Times, in 1992 (when it was called the Rumbelows Cup) 2006, 2009 and 2010 (As the Carling Cup).

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Q: How many time have Manchester united won the carling cup?
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When was the last time Manchester United won a major trophy?

Manchester United won the Carling Cup in 2010. However, the Carling Cup has never been considered a "major" trophy. Even if it were, the answer would be wrong, as Manchester United won the Premier League in 2011.

Who won the carling cup 2010?

Manchester United ( 2nd time in a row ) One of the best teams in the world.

What trophys have Manchester united football club won in 2009?

Manchester United have won the Carling cup in2009, they beat Tottenham Hotspurs 4-1 on penalties after the score was tied after 30 minutes of extra time.

How many players in Manchester United play in a match?

Only 11 players from Manchester United can play at a time.

How many goals have Manchester United scored in injury time?


What is Kick off time for Carling Cup Final?

The final was played nearly a month ago. Manchester United beat Aston Villa 2-1.

How many hours is the flight time from Manchester to cuba?

The flight time from Manchester, United Kingdom to Cuba is: 9 hours, 35 minutes

When last time Manchester United beat Manchester United?

January 2007? (2-1)

What time is carling cup final?

If you're talking about today's match, kick off time is 3pm. Aston Villa vs Manchester United from Wembley Stadium. LIVE ON BBC 1 + HD from 2pm. LIVE ON SKY SPORTS 1 + HD1 from 2.45pm.

What time does Manchester city vs Manchester united f acup start in sydney time?

Sorry but it started at midnight AEST (Sydney) is over...Manchester United 3.Manchester City 2

How many time has Chelsea won the Carling cup?


How many times have Manchester united fc won the premiership 3 time in a row?