How many time did Man Utd win the premier league title?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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10 times

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Q: How many time did Man Utd win the premier league title?
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How many times has the premier league teams won the premier league?

Every time

How many premier league goals has Henry scored?

Thierry Henry has scored 174 goals in the Premier League, the third highest of all time.

How many goals have been scored in injury time in the premier league?


When was the last time Cardiff were in the premier league?

Middlesbrough were relegated at the end of a remarkable 1996/97 season, having lost both the League Cup and FA Cup finals. They received a three point penalty after cancelling a game against Blackburn because of an outbreak of winter flu and it was this punishment that condemned them to finish 19th in the league - they would have stayed up without it. They came second in 1997/98 League division 1 (now called the League Championship) and were promoted automatically, staying in the top flight until finishing 19th again in the 2008/09 season.

How many time did Manchester United win cups?

18 premier league cups but this year 19

How many time have arsenal won division1?

Do you mean the Premier League, or the Championship? They won 10 titles in the old Division 1, and have since won 3 titles in the Premier League since it was created in 1992.

Which player has scored most Premier league goals?

The Barclays Premier League's All-Time top scorer is Alan Shearer, with 260 goals.

Who is the all time top premier league midfielder scorer?