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Q: How many ties have there been at the super bowl?
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What records did Super bowl XLV break?

No records were broken by the playing in Super Bowl XLV, but two records were tied:Since the Pittsburgh Steelers made it to the Super Bowl, they tied the record for most Super Bowl appearances. The team is now tied with the Dallas Cowboys with 8 appearances each.The Green Bay Packers scored 14 points in the first quarter, which ties the record for most points scored by one team in the first quarter of the Super Bowl. They are tied with 6 other teams (the Dolphins, Raiders, Cowboys, 49ers, Patriots and Bears)However, the Super Bowl itself broke a record:Super Bowl XLV was the most-watched Super Bowl and the most-watched single program of any kind in U.S. television history.

How many games have the colts lost in 2010?

The Indianapolis Colts have won one super bowl, but the Baltimore Colts won one as well, and when they moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis the records went as well. So the Colts have 2 super bowl wins.

Did the cardinals ever go to the super bowl?

Yes, in 2009 against the Pittsberg Steelers. Unfornately, they lost. The referees were wearing black n' yellow ties so that might of gave the Steelers uber confidence.

What wood is railroad cross ties made from?

Railroad ties in the US are nearly all made from oak that has been treated with a preservative. For higher speed track and where continuous welded rail (CWR) has been installed, concrete ties are in use for many lines rather than wood. Metal ties have been tried, but in the past were considered somewhat unsuccessfule. An exotic wood called azobe has been used, and it seems to be preferred over treated oak where it has been used. Composite ties have also been used.

What are the Christian ties to Jerusalem?

isabel is so super cute she rocks

How many games has New England won in franchise history?

Over the course of 49 seasons, the New England Patriots have a regular season record of 377 victories, 354 losses and 9 ties. In the Playoffs, the Patriots are 21-13, capturing three Super Bowl victories in six appearances.

How many 2 way ties have there been on jeopardy?

There have been a number of them over the years and there was even a three way tie

Sue has 313 ties and Tom has 8 times as many ties as Sue how many ties does Tom have?

8 x 313 = 2504 ties.

How many super bowls has john elway been to?

John Elway of the Denver Broncos was the first quarterback to have started five Super Bowls .... SBs XXI, XXII, XXIV, XXXII, and XXXIII. His record in those games was 2-3.

How many pages are in Ties that Bind Ties that Break?


How many bowl appearences does Alabama have?

55 31 wins, 21 losses and 3 ties. This includes the 2007-08 season bowl game against Colorado.

How many pages does Zen Ties have?

Zen Ties has 40 pages.