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Q: How many three-pointers does jj redick have in the ncaa?
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Who is the Leading all time three point scorer in ncaa basketball history?

JJ Redick

Who holds the NCAA men's basketball career 3 point record?

JJ Redick with 457 career threes

Who is a better NBA basketball player jj redick or tyler hansbrough?

jj redick... check the amazing games jj has had this season

What is JJ Redick's current 2014 yearly salary?

As of 2014, JJ Redick's current yearly salary is $6,938,750.

Is JJ Redick gay?


Is JJ Redick Mormon?


Contact JJ Redick?

If you want to contact JJ Redick you can do it through his website which you can find by Googling his name or just write to the JJ c/o Orlando Magic.

What is the NCAA record for 3 point field goals made by one player in a career in Division I?

457 is the most set by jj redick

What is JJ Redick's real name?

His real name is Jonathan Clay Redick

How many points did JJ Redick score in a single game for Duke?


How tall is JJ Redick?


Jj redick career points?


What college did jj Redick?

Duke University.

Which sport does jj redick play?


What is JJ Redick's shoe size?


How much is jj redick paid a year?


What team is JJ Redick on in the NBA?

orlando magic

What is jj redicks mailing address?

JJ Redick Maitland Summit boulevard Orlando fl

Who is jj redick?

J.J. Redick is perhaps the best pure shooter to ever play college. He is a three year veteran out of Duke who holds the NCAA record for most three pointers made all time, at 457 made. He currently plays for the Orlando Magic, although he doesn't play that many minutes.

Does JJ Redick have a girlfriend?

According to a video on his official website, no.

What NBA players wear 7?

jj redick of the msgic

Who does the president think is better lebron or Kobe?

jj redick

Why does jj redick haven't have a girlfriend?

JJ Reddick does not have a girlfriend because he is married. JJ Reddick is married to Chelsea Reddick. He is a professional basketball player.

Is jj redick a dad?

No he just got married last year

How old is jj redick?

born in June of 1984 he is 24 years of age