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There is no definite number for how many tournament a given player will play in one year...

But every player will do everything to join the 4 "big" ones: Australien Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open - mainly because of the big prestige and money prizes these represent..

And there is a rule that they atleast have to play 4 of the so called "500 Series tournaments"

And the top 8 players in the world also has a mandatory appereance on " ATP World Tour Finals"

Other than those, the players join for money and world ranking points (which 100's of tournaments each year represent)

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There has been no official count, but there are millions of serious players across the world, including junior tournament players, coaches, pros, former pros, club players, etc. If you are talking about professional players, there are more than 2500 professional players, men and women.

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There are over 1000000000 tennis players in the whole world.

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The top number of tennis players in a game is 4.

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Q: How many tennis players are there worldwide?
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