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for each match they give the match 500 balls in the huge buckets

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Q: How many tennis balls used at Wimbledon tournament?
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How many balls are used during Wimbledon tennis tournament?

52,200 balls was supllied there was a grand total of 8 balls at the whole tournament. no more/less. this is accurate. x

How many tennis balls are used for a tournament?

3, sometimes 6

How many tennis ball were used at Wimbledon tennis championship last year?

52,200 balls were provided by Slazenger; 20,000 of them were used in qualifying.

How many Grand Slam titles had tennis star Steffi Graf won before the 1996 Wimbledon tournament?


What is the famous lawn tennis tournament?

The Championships, Wimbledon, or simply Wimbledon, is the most commonly referred to lawn tennis tournament, though there are many others throughout the world. Extra: It is called a lawn tournament because it is played on grass that is cut extremely short. The game is slower-paced than on other surfaces and the type of ball used is different.

How many tennis balls would fill up the whole of centre court at Wimbledon tennis with the roof on?

2`4565.98 Sorry but I do not understand this answer. can you put it in english??

How many games played at Wimbledon?

Tennis and croquet

How many people played tennis during the renaissance?

No one, it hadn`t been developed yet. There was `jeu de paume`which was like handball. Lawn tennis was developed in England and Wimbledon was the first tournament.

How many tennis balls are used in a pro tennis tournament?

Wilson sends 80 thousand balls to the US Open every year. Only about 70 thousand of them are used. The rest are givin to local court communitee programs

Why doesn't the train from London Waterloo to Salisbury stop at Wimbledon - except when the tennis tournament is on?

The train from Waterloo to Salisbury is a main line train and doesn't stop at every little station on its route. However, during the Wimbledon tennis tournament, so many people are trying to get there, that they use every available train to move the excessive number of passengers - including main line services.

How many medals has Nadal won in Wimbledon for tennis?


How many balls are there in the standard can of tennis balls?

Usually there is about 3balls in an average can of tennis balls. Although you casn get packages of tennis balls with 18 or higher. Also comes in many shapes and sizes.

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