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Q: How many teams in the NFL has gone undefeated in the preseason and won the super bowl?
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How many teams go undefeated in preseason and win the Super Bowl?


Which NFL teams have had undefeated seasons and won the super bowl?


What year did the redskins go undefeated to the Super Bowl?

they were never undefeated and went to the super bowl

What NFL teams are undefeated in Super Bowl appearances?

San Francisco 49ers (5-0) - 1.000

How many teams in the NFL have gone undefeated and won the Super Bowl?

One, the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

What NFL teams have went undefeated from Week 1 to the Super Bowl?

The Miami Dolphins. The New England Patriots went undefeated until the superbowl.

Which NFL teams went undefeated in the regular season yet lost the Super Bowl?

As of Super Bowl XLII, that has never happened. The only time an undefeated team has played in the Super Bowl, before this season's Patriots, is the 1972 Miami Dolphins and they defeated the Washington Redskins, 14-7, in Super Bowl VII.

There are two undefeated teams so far this year - Colts and Saints. Has there ever been a Super Bowl where BOTH teams had a perfect season and faced each other in the Super Bowl?

No. But would it be cool if they did?

What were the preseason odds for the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl?

The Packers were the preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl in the 2010-2011 season.

Who won the Super Bowl undefeated?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins are, so far, the only team to win the Super Bowl undefeated.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers undefeated in the Super Bowl?

No. The Steelers Super Bowl record is 6-2.

Did the Indianapolis Colts go undefeated to the Super Bowl?

no they did not

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