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yes, the 1972 Miami Dolphins went undefeated.

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Q: Has any undefeated team won a Super Bowl?
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What if has any team gone undefeated and won the Super Bowl if yes which team?

The 1972 Miami dolphins team is still the only team to go undefeated and win the super bowl what a team.. the patriots almost did they went undefeated but lost to the giants in the super bowl

Has any nfl team gone undefeated the whole season and super bowl?

Yes the Miami Dolfhins went undefeated and won the super bowl in 1972

Did any team lose the Super Bowl the year they had an undefeated season?

Yes, the Patriots were undefeated through the season and lost to the Giants in the 2007 season

Has any nfl team gone into the Super Bowl undefeated?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins entered the Super Bowl 16-0 and won. The 2007 New England Patriots entered the Super Bowl 18-0, but lost.

Was any team been shut out in a super bowl?


Has any team gone to nine super bowls?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, no. The team with the most Super Bowl appearances is the Dallas Cowboys with 8.

Did any team ever play the Super Bowl in their own town?

No, a team has never had "home-field advantage" during a Super Bowl.

Any team won Super Bowl in own stadium while hosting?

No team in the Super Bowl has ever played in its own stadium.

Has any team won the Super Bowl at their home stadium?


Has any nfl quarterback won a super bowl for one team and started a super bowl for another team?

Kurt Warner started and won Super Bowl XXXIV for the St. Louis Rams and started Super Bowl XLIII for the Arizona Cardinals.

What team has the most losses of any 7 team to play in the super bowl?


Does super bowl champion have any say in team scheduling?

no, but it does in the draft

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