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There were 38 teams in the National Basketball League. This organization join with the Basketball Association of America in 1949 to become the National Basketball Association.

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Q: How many teams in the NBL?
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How many NBA teams have there been since the beginning?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) was founded in 1949 when BAA (Basketball Association of America) and NBL (National Basketball League) were combined. There were a total of 17 teams in this league.

Who won the NBA finals in 1934?

The NBA wasn't founded until 1946. It was known as the BAA (Basketball Association of America) until 1949, when it merged with several teams from the NBL (National Basketball League.) The NBL was founded in 1937.

How many personal fouls can a player commit in NBL and NWBL basketball before being sent from the court?

In the NBL you can get 6 fouls

Where can one find information about NBL players?

There are many places one can find information about NBL players. Sports channels, magazines, websites, news sites, and the radio are all good sources for information on NBL players.

What nbl and NFL teams start with the letter j?

· Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL) · Jets - New York Jets (NFL)

How did basketball turn into the NBA?

August 3, 1949-Six teams from the NBL join the BAA. the resulting 17 teams form the National Basketball Association(NBA). and name Maurice Podloff as President

When was NBL Hall of Fame created?

NBL Hall of Fame was created in 1998.

How many championships dose Laker have in the NBA?

16 and 1 in NBL

How long is a quarter in a NBL game?

A quarter is 10 minutes long in a NBL game. The NBL is the National Basketball League of Australia and they play four 10 minute quarters.

When was NBL - Australia - Coach of the Year created?

NBL - Australia - Coach of the Year was created in 1980.

How many NBA championships did the Minneapolis Lakers win?

6...professional chamiponships 4 NBA 1 NBL and 1 BAA You can wikipedia the abbreviations of NBL and BAA

Why is there a difference between NBA and NBL?

NBA is played in the U.S NBL is played in Australia

How much do NBL player get paid?

A Nbl( National Baseball League) player makes $4.2 Million a year.

Life as an nbl player?

NBL stands for National Baseball League so maybe a pro baseball player.

What two organizations made up the NBA?

August 3, 1949-Six teams from the NBL join the BAA. the resulting 17 teams form the National Basketball Association(NBA) and name Maurice Podloff as President

Nbl what does it stand for?

NBL stands for NationalBasketball Baseball League Basketball is the NBA National Basketball Association

How many NBA championship have the lakers won?

They have 1 NBL title and 16 NBA championships.

What is the market cap for Noble Energy Inc NBL?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Noble Energy Inc. (NBL) is $25,839,812,002.03.

When was NBL created?

In 1902

How many people play basketball in Australia?

1200036987 people play NBL basketball is this answer even right???

How many champions do the Los Angeles Lakers have including in Minneapolis?

The Lakers franchise has a total of Seventeen National Championships. 1 National Basketball League title in 1947-48 1 Basketball Association of America (BAA) title in 1948-49 15 National Basketball Association titles from 1949-50 to 2090-10. The NBL was a League that had the most talent in 1947-48 and that was clear when the greatest teams of the NBL joined the BAA a year after and the rest of them 2 years after that. The NBL teams would be the Champions of the BAA/NBA from 1948-49 to 1954-55: 49 Lakers 50 Lakers 51 Royals (now Kings) 52 Lakers 53 Lakers 54 Lakers 55 Nationals (now Sixers) So is no denying that the 1948 NBL Championship was way better than the 1948 BAA Championship. The reason why the NBL Championship isn't in the history books is clearly because of financial reasons. The NBL had the talent but its teams were playing in small cities in the Midwest. The BAA was created by hockey teams owners in major cities so they had a way to lure the best teams of the NBL to come and play in the BAA. That happened in the summer of 1948 when Lakers Royals Pistons and Jets changed leagues. Missing those teams the NBL a year later was dismantled and the teams that survived and could pay a fee to enter the BAA did that so the BAA changed its name to NBA. Officially there was a merger between BAA and NBL. But haw could it be a merger between 2 equally strong leagues when BAA kept its history from the very begining (1946) and didn't even bothter to keep srecords of the NBL's 12 seasons? (1937-49) In 1948 the BAA Champion was the Baltimore Bullets. Bullets was a ABL league team before. ABL was the first attempt to create a professional basketball league but when both NBL and ABL stopped playing because of the World War the NBL came back strong unlike ABL that till the late 40s became a minor league. The Bullets came into the BAA because the league had only 7 teams and they needed one more. The league was so weak that after making some additions to the team they became the 1948 BAA Champs out of nowhere. The Bullets folded in 1955 after making the playoffs only once having to deal a league having the top NBL teams in it. The Bottmline is that the NBA recognizes only the BAA as its predecesor and its first and second Champions are officially the Philadelphia Warriors and the Baltimore Bullets. That results to the Seventeenth National Championship of the Lakers not be in the leagues records but still be a championship worthy to be celebrated and mentioned by any fan of the franchise. And if someone wants to separate the Minneapolis titles from the Los Angeles Lakers organization it would be good to think that some of the Lakers fans like some of the fans of any other team in the NBA are not Los Angeles natives neither Minneapolis natives. They are Lakers fans and they celebrate their 17 Championships and the teams history, from the first season of the Detroit Gems (1946-47) with the worst 4-40 record that resulted to the 1947-48 Minneapolis Lakers having the no1 pick and take George Mikan till the 2011-12 NBA season. Even the Lakers owners in LA shown luck of respect at times for the part of the franchises history that wasn't "written" in LA but every true LAKERS fan should know and honor the entire franchise history.

How many times have the Los angelos lakers won the championship?

14 NBA titles and 1 NBL title

How many championship titles did the Los Angeles Lakers win?

One NBL, Fifteen BAA/NBA titles

How many states have no pro sports team?

Alaska doesn't have an NBA NFL NHL or NBL league team

What is the diffarence between NBA and nbl?

NBA is played in the U.S & in my eyes, more popular NBL is played in Australia & is least popular