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Michigan State and Florida

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Ky unc ucla Kansas

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Q: How many teams have won multiple men's ncaa championships football and basketball?
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Name the basketball teams with the most championships in the nba?

Boston Celtics with 17 championships.

Who are the top ten teams in college basketball championships?

North Carolina

Who has the fewest ncaa football national championships?

Many teams have won 0 national championships.

What professional sports teams have won championships in 4 straight decades?

The Yankees and Cubs are baseball teams. The Miami Heat is basketball. In football there are the Packers, Bears, Patriots, Eagles and Colts.

What teams won national football championships back to back?


What are Worst basketball teams of all time?

the worst basketball team is the charlotte bobcats they were founded in 2004 they still have no championships

What are the sport teams from Harvard university?


How many college football teams in us?

There are 336 teams in men's college basketball.

What are the top scores of the football and basketball teams from IHSA in 2009?

The top scores of the football and baskedball teams from IHSA (Illinois high school association) in 2009 were 16 for the basketball team and 12 for the football team.

Who are the only division one teams to win multiple national titles in basketball and football?

Maryland, Michigan state, Michigan, Ohio state, Syracuse, Florida

What are the top three teams in America?

Football,Basketball and Baseball

How many national championships in college football?

116 national championships since 1895 in football. However most teams don't count their national championship pre ww2!