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It is a widely-quoted, strictly accurate but misleading "fact" that the only team never to have been relegated throughout all of English football history is Arsenal. This is misleading because as "Woolwich" Arsenal they were relegated from the top division in 1913, and played two seasons in Division 2 (one as Woolwich Arsenal, the other as Arsenal). However Woolwich Arsernal and Arsenal were the same club, so personally I think the answer to this one is "none", if it means "from the top flight".

Another way the question might be intended is that since the formation of the "Premier League" in 1992, the only ever-present members are Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa.

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Q: How many teams have never been relegated from premier league?
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How many teams in English Premier League have never relegated to championship?

The only club in the E.P.L not to be ever relegated is Arsenal.

How many teams are relegated from the baclays premier league per season?

three teams are relegated.

Which teams were relegated from the premier league in 2010?

18th. Burnley 19th. Hull City 20th. Portsmouth These teams were relegated from the Premier League in the 2009-2010 season

Which teams have been in the premier league?

If you are asking if which team , which has never ever been relegated, then the team is Arsenal.

How many teams are relegated in the Barclay's premier league?


How many teams get relegated in the Scottish premier league?


Which premier league teams were relegated in 0809?

The league didnt exist in 0809.

Which 3 premier league teams got relegated last season?

In the season of 2007/2008, the three teams relegated from the Premier League were Reading, Birmingham City and Derby County

What teams have been relegated from the premier league and not returned?

leeds , coventry

What teams in the Premier League will be relegated this year?


Which premier league club has never been relegated from the premier league?

Since it is in regards with the Premier League, There are many teams that have not been relegated from it They are: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackpool, Chelsea, Fulham, Liverpool. Manchester united, Stoke City, Tottenham Hotspurs, And Wigan Athletic.

When did Aston Villa last get relegated?

Aston Villa were last relegated from the Football League Division One in the 1986/1987 season. They are currently one of six original teams that have never been relegated from the Premier League.

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