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Only Brazil has kept the world cup in 1970.

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Q: How many teams had to keep the world soccer trophy?
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Who got to keep the original World cup soccer trophy?

It was Brazil after winning it for the third time.

What is the rule to keep the world cup trophy for good?

The world cup from the year 1970 onwards is a rotating trophy.

Does the winning team keep the world cup trophy or does it rotate around as other team win?

It is rotating trophy.

Did the winners of the prudential cricket world cup keep the trophy with them?


When did the World Cup trophy change?

because Brazil won the trophy 3 times so they go to keep it who ever wins the world cup 3 times with same trophy keeps it

Why did Brazil get to keep this trophy?

They got to keep the Jules Rimet in 1970 because they had won the World Cup 3 times. This was written in the original rules of the Trophy when it was first awarded in 1930.

Who got to keep the world cup trophy?

Brazil, after winning it for the third time in 1970.

What year was the World Cup stolen?

The Jules Rimet Trophy, which was the original World Cup Trophy, which had been used since 1930 was stolen in March 1966 from an exhibition in London. It was found a week later. When Brazil won their third World Cup in 1970, they were awarded the trophy to keep. And in 1983 it was stolen in Brazil and never recovered. The current trophy is called the World Cup Trophy and has been used since 1974.

Why do some countries keep winning the world cup?

They have better teams

Does the French Open champion get to keep the trophy?

No, they receive a smaller replica of the trophy

Which country was the first to win the world cup three times and keep the trophy?

Brazil was the first country to win the world cup three times and so keep it.

Who got to keep the original world cup trophy?

The original world cup, or the Jules Rimmet trophy was a rotating cup with a rule then that a country that wins the world cup for the third time ever can keep it for good. Brazil won their third world cup in 1970.And so kept it.It was later stolen.

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