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Q: How many teams go to worlds out of all the teams in the world?
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How many teams are in the world cup all together?

There are 32 teams in the world cup.

Is cheerleading in countries other than America?

Yes! Cheerleading is across the world! The Cheerleading Worlds showcases all teams across the world.

How many teams attended in all world cups?


How many pages does Of All Possible Worlds have?

Of All Possible Worlds has 160 pages.

How do you choose teams to be in the world cup?

All of the international teams play the qualifying tournament to see which teams move on to the world cup.

How many NFL teams in all?

In the NFL their are 32 teams

On runescape will the grand exchange put the offer through all worlds or just the world your on?

It will go through all worlds.

How many NfL teams are in a division?

4 teams in a division,16 teams in the NFC all by itself,16 teams in the AFC all by itself,and 32 teams all together.

Are there softball teams in California?

uhhh yeah there are softball teams ALL OVER THE WORLD! =)

How many different teams play water polo?

There are thousands of teams, many of them amateur, it is almost impossible to locate and count all of the clubs and teams across the world, each club may have many teams of different age groubs, abilities or genders, you can imagine the scale of the task.

How many professional football teams are there in the world?

There is only 32 and they are all in the United States if you mean the NFL.

Who is the best cheerleading team?

triple threat all-stars is the best but, there are many other good teams out there. Cheer extreme and top gun won worlds last year.

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