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9 Teams

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Q: How many teams are there in IPL in 2012?
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How many teams in ipl 2012?


How many teams are there in ipl 2012?


How many teams participate in IPL-2012?


How many teams participated in the IPL 2010?

Eight Teams

How many teams winner in IPL 2010?

There were 8 teams in IPL 2010 and Chennai Super Kings were the winners

Why IPl teams were made?

IPL teams are made to keep the matches of that teams.

How many teams are there in ipl 2009?


How many teams selected from ipl 2010 semifinal?

A total of 4 out of the 8 teams will be selected for the 2010 IPL season semifinals

How many new teams added in ipl?

Till 2010 there were 8 teams in DLF IPL. Now new two teams-Kochi and Pune are added

How many teams won in ipl?

4 to 5teams

How many teams are participated in dlf ipl?


How many team in ipl?

There are eight teams in ipl.Eight teams fight to win the title.

How many teams take part in first IPL?


How many teams are competing in the IPL - 7 tournament?


How many teams participating in IPL?

As of 2011, its 10 teams who are participating in IPL including Kochi tuskers kerala and PUne warriors who were included in 2011

How many runs has sachin tendulkar scored in ipl history upto IPL 2012?

324 runs as on Aug16th 2012

Which team won by 10 wicket in ipl?

Many teams have won by 10 wickets in IPL,just couldn't understand your answer.

How many teams are there in IPL 4?

There will be total 10 teams, 8 are already playing and two new teams will play also.

Who won the ipl 2012?

kolkata knight riders won IPL 2012

What is the number of matches in dlf ipl?

60 matches in the ipl between 8 teams

Which team won in IPL 2012?

KKR- Kolkata knight Riders(won IPL 2012)

How many people came to watch 2012 IPL matches?


What are the release dates for Meta The Culture of IPL - 2012?

Meta The Culture of IPL - 2012 was released on: USA: December 2012

Who are the Owners of all the teams in IPL?

anshumaan verma

From where are the ipl teams getting there profit?

Sponsorships and Advertisements