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32 teams in the world cup this year!

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Q: How many teams are participating in this present world cup?
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How many teams are participating the 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa?

A total of 32 teams.

How many countries from Europe participate in the world cup?

There will be thirteen teams from Europe participating in World Cup 2010.

How many teams participating in the Tour in 2015?

According to the Tour official site, there are 22 teams participating.

How many teams are participating in the FIFA world cup?

32 in 8 groups of 4 for the group stages

How many cuntries are participating for the world cup football 2010?

The World Cups current format has 32 teams broken down into 8 groups of 4 teams each

How many nations are participating in euro 2012?

16 teams

How many teams are there in Commonwealth games 2010?

71 commonwealth teams are participating in 2010 commonwealth games.

How many games participating in olympics at present?


How many countries participating in 2010 world cup soccer in SA?

ere are 32 countries in a eight groups of four teams each.

How many super bowls has either of the participating teams ever won?


How many teams in each group make it to the next round of the world cup?

There are 32 countries participating in the World Cup 2010