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a soccer team is made up of 11 players Well there is 11 players on the field but 15 to18 players on the team

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Q: How many team mates are on a soccer team?
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Can you talk to your team mates in the field during the soccer game?

Of course you can.

Who is the antagonist for diary of a wimpy kid the last straw?

There are a few;Mr. Lynch (Soccer coach),Rodrick,Manny and Greg's soccer team mates.

Who is the antagonist in Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Last Straw?

There are a few antagonists: Mr. Lynch (soccer coach) Rodrick, Manny, and Greg's soccer team mates.

What are the sport that consider team sport?

a team sport is something that more than one person is involved in to reach a certain goal. Many of your everyday sports such as soccer, football and basketball involve the help of your team mates, and together you will succeed. Hope I answered your question ;)

How many soccer teams are in Argentina?

Argentina is a very big country. It has many different sports team. But in soccer team, there are hundreds of soccer teams.

How do you play good in a soccer game?

Play your part in the team. Pass the ball accurately. Be aware of where your team-mates are and where your opponents are. When your team doesn't have the ball win it back. When it does have the ball run into space, but not offside.

What is the Germany soccer team name?

Germany has many, many soccer teams, which team in which city in Germany are you referring to

How many players in soccer team inside and out side?

11 people are on a soccer team. I Think

How many player are in soccer?

11 on each soccer team

How many soccer players in a football team?

There are 11 soccer players in a football (English name for 'soccer') team. However, there are 0 soccer players in an American football team, unless they play soccer as well as American football!

How many quarters do a soccer team have?

None, soccer is separated in halves.

How many players are supposed to be on a team of soccer?

for professional soccer, you can have 30 players as a maximum.

How many players are on a soccerball team?

how many players are on a soccer ball team

What are some risks of playing soccer?

some risks of playing soccer is that you can hurt, sprain or even break bones. you can get some pressure of your parents coach and team mates so that can end up you being very stressed out.

How many players are on an indoor soccer team?

A indoor soccer team (or a futsal team) has 5 player, one goalkeeper and four field players.

How many in a soccer team?

There are 11.

How many goalies are in soccer?

2 different goalies are in soccer at a time - one for the home team and one for the away team.

How many soccer players on a US soccer team?

About 20-30 probally

How many soccer teams does El Salvador have?

It has 1 National soccer team.

Is it correct girl's soccer team or girls' soccer team?

Girl's soccer team means ONE Girl's team. Girls' soccer team means PLURAL AMOUNT OF GIRLS soccer team. Now u figure it out XD

How do you spell team mates?

The word can be spelt "team mates" as two words, or "teammates" as a single word.

How many soccer teams in Utah?

There are many soccer teams that are local leagues, but there is one professional soccer team, Real Salt Lake.

How many players were on a team in the 1960s?

11 in a soccer team, 15 in a rugger team.

How many player can each team have on the soccer team?

11 on the feild

How many positions are in a soccer team?

There are 11 positions in a football team