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Only one. The Steelers. Its a historical thing. A long time back the franchise was too poor to buy enough logos for both sides of the helmet. It stuck and now its a tradition. A footnote to this question: The Cleveland Browns are the only team with no logo.

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Q: How many team have logos on one side of their helmets?
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Which NFL team has no emblem on their helmets?

The Cleveland Browns are the only team with no logo on their helmets. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team with a logo on only one side of the helmet.

What exactly is the helmet project?

The helmet project is an attempt by a fan of American football to document the changes of the team helmets design, colors and logos of big name teams. This includes illustrations of the colors and logos.

What college football team has their number on the side of their helmets?

There are a few schools that use numbers instead of logos. Alabama and Army in the FBS (division 1-A), Georgia Southern in FCS(division1-AA) and Henderson State in Arkansas (division II).

How many helmets does an NFL team carry per player when it travels?


Where could one find details of NFL team logos of the 1970s?

There are many online sites where one can find detailed information about NFL team logos of the 1970s. Two of these online sites are NFLShop and Sportslogos.

What year did the Pittsburgh Steelers put logos on their helmets?

In 1962, the Steelers equipment manager Jack Hart applied the logo to the helmet (at that time the helmets were a solid gold color) and the Steelers were uncertain how it would look. So he applied them to the right side only. Later on, even after changing the helmet color to black, they left the logo on the right side only, due to the teams new found success & uniqueness of the logo. The Steelers are now the only team with a logo on only one side of the helmet.

Where can one find pictures of logos for NFL teams?

There are many places to find logos for NFL teams. One can visit the NFL shop online for purchasing logos. One can also visit their local sports store to find logos and items representing their favorite team.

In 2006 how many Major League Baseball team's logos were represented by a bird?

3 Teams

What is the first team in the NFL to have a team badge on their helmets?

In 1948, Fred Gehrke, halfback for the Los Angeles Rams, painted horns on the Rams helmets.

Why did the Patriots change their helmet logo?

The Patriots wanted a change from the Minute Man logo. Basically, the new owner of the team, James Orthwein Bush, wanted to move away from the old, and wanted a newer image for the team. After Bush agreed to sell the team to Bob Kraft, Kraft was brought in to view the potential new logos. Bob Kraft chose the "Flying Elvis" design that adorns the side of the Patriots helmets to this day.

What college football team has no logo on their helmet?

Everyone football team has the team logo on their helmets.

Does Madden 11 have new create a team logos?


What football team was the first to have an insignia on their helmets?

The Rams.

Is there a series 5 escape from scorpion island?

yes there will be and will be hosted by myleene Klass and Jhonny pitt but this time there will be 4 teams:Team Claw (Black helmets)Team Sting (Orange helmets)Team Venom (Green helmets)Team Fang (Pale Blue helmets)

How many NFL teams do not have a logo on their helmets?

None!Answer:The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team without a logo on their helmets.

Why does Ohio state have a number 24 on their football helmets?

Ohio State had a #24 on their helmets because a scout-team player named Tyson Gentry broke his neck and was in a wheelchair after a hit, so the team put his number on their helmets to support him even though he did not die.

What does GU stand for on the New England Patriot's helmets?

Gene Upshaw, former head of the NFL player's union, I believe. It is on other team's helmets too. Gene Upshaw, former head of the NFL player's union, I believe. It is on other team's helmets too.

Is embroidering team logos illegal?

Without a license, yes.

Which NFL team was first to have colored facemasks on their helmets?


Why do the browns have nothing on their helmets?

What would it be? the team is named after a man "Paul Brown" what would you like a picture of his face on their helmets? it's tradition

What is a professional baseball team that wears red helmets?

Professional baseball teams only wear helmets when batting and they don't have designated colors. Several baseball players wear red helmets when batting.

Can you create a team on 2k11 hockey for wii?

Yes you can create a team, choose its players and logos and jerseys.

What does Hawaii's football team look like?

Big guys. With helmets.

What are the decals on football helmets mean?

Its normally just a team logo.

What is the only NFL team without decorations on their helmets?

The Cleveland Browns.