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how many team events are there in te Olympics?

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Q: How many team events are in the Olympics this year?
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How many events are in the Olympics this year?


How many different sporting events will there be in this year's olympics?

28 sports, 41 disciplines

How many gold medals in the summer olympics?

It depends on the number of events that year.

How many take part in archery in the Olympics?

it depends every year

How many softball events are in the Olympics?

saddly the year of 2008 they had the final fastpitch Olympics games for now there is a act going on to bring softball back into the Olympics.

How many medals did the US olympic team win in the 2008 Olympics that year?


How many Indians Indian's are participating in 2004 Olympics?

A team of 73 athletes represented India at the 2004 Athens Olympics. To contrast, this year a team of 56 athletes is representing India at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I hope that answers your question.

What year did Sweden have the Olympics?

The 1912 Summer Olympics were in Stockholm, Sweden. The 1956 Summer Olympics held their equestrian events in Sweden.

What were the sporting events for modern Olympics?

What year? They change everytime they are held.

What year did the Jamaican bobsled team return to the Olympics?


In what year could women start participating in swimming events in the Olympics?


Where can you buy the China Team 2010 Winter Olympics jacket?

In Vancouver where the Olympics are being held this year.