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7 pawn, bishop, rook (castle), knight, queen, king.

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Q: How many symbols are in the game of chess?
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How many people can play in a chess game?

Only 2 people can play a chess game.

How many bishops in chess board game?

in a chess game there are four bishops.Two on each side

How many players are there in chess?

Chess is a game designed for two players .

How many chess pieces are on a chess board?

32 to begin the game.

How many different positions are possible in a chess game?

More than there are atoms in the universe, which is why chess is an unsolvable game :)

How many empty squares are there on the board at the start of a game of chess?

There are 32 empty squares at the start of a game of chess.

How many players in a chess game?


Is chess sports or game?

It depends completely on your point of view. Chess is technically a board game, but there are many competitive tournaments, including the world championships. Many schools have chess teams.

How do you play Chinese checkers Not the star board but with the board with many Chinese pieces with Chinese symbols on them?

This game is not Chinese checkers. This game is Chinese Chess. It is somewhat the same as International Chess. This site will show you what the pieces are and how to move them. Chinese Chess is not too hard to learn, but it is sooo much fun to play!! i love you call me lol :)

What cultures play chess?

Chess is a game that is played and enjoyed by many cultures internationally .

Is there a painting called the chess game?

Sofonisba Anguissola painted The Chess Game in 1555. Wikipedia has an imge. If that is not it check this link with many chess paintings,

How many years old is the game of chess?

Chess is around 800 years old. Chess originated in India in the 1200s.

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