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Q: How many susper bowls has Troy Polamalu been to?
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Was Troy Polamalu arrested?

No. Troy Polamalu has not been arrested.

Did Troy Polamalu play for the Green Bay Packers?

No, he did not. Troy Polamalu has always been a Pittsburgh Steeler.

How long has Troy Polamalu played?

Troy Polamalu has been a strong safety with the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2003.

Who did Troy Polamalu get traded to for 2012?

Troy Polamalu wasn't traded. He has been a Pittsburgh Steeler from 2003 to the present time.

Who has been the best super bowl player?

Troy Polamalu

How long has Troy Polamalu been married?

Troy and his wife Theodora have been married since January 2005.

Is Troy Polamalu number 43?

Yes, he is. Troy has been wearing the number 43 for the Steelers since 2003.

How many Pro Bowls has Troy Polamalu played in?

Troy Polamalu of the Steelers has been voted to 6 Pro Bowls : 2004 to 2008 and 2010, but played in only 4. He did not play in the Pro Bowl in 2008 (2007 season) due to injury. He did not play in the Pro Bowl in 2011 (2010 season) because it was held the week prior to Super Bowl XL, in which the Steelers played the Green Bay Packers.

How many super bowls has Troy Aikman been in?


Is Troy Polamalu going to be out the rest of the year?

Most likely. The season have been all but officially eliminated from the playoffs.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers players were in Coke commercials?

Joe Greene and Troy Polamalu have been in Coke commercials. Joe Greene's is one of the most remembered ads of all time, Polamalu's was a parody of it.

How many Super Bowls has Troy Aikman been to?

Troy Aikman played in three Super Bowls with the Cowboys (SBs XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX) and won all three.

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