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The old Yankee Stadium had a seating capacity of 56,936.

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Q: How many support beams were at Yankee Stadium?
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How many bathrooms does Yankee Stadium have?

New York Yankee Stadium has 50 bathrooms.

How many career hits did Lou Gehrig have in Yankee Stadium?

Lou Gehrig had 1,269 hits in Yankee Stadium.

How many tiers does the new Yankee Stadium have?

There are 3 decks in Yankees Stadium ...

How many people visited Yankee Stadium in 1923?

During the 1923 season, the year Yankee Stadium oped the Yankees drew 1,007,066 fans.

How many hits did Lou Gehrig have at Yankee Stadium for his career?

Lou Gehrig had 1,269 hits at Yankee Stadium. But as of the end of the 2008 season, Derek Jeter had 1,274. Which is now a Yankee record that cannot be broken. The old stadium records will not be carried over to the new stadium in 2009.

How many Catholic Popes have visited Yankee Stadium?


How many no hitters were thrown in the old Yankee Stadium?


How many home runs in Yankee stadium by home team in 2009?

There are a total of 185 Home Runs in the new Yankee Stadium (in counting), with 107 from Yankees and 78 by visitors. Mark Teixeira leads Yankee Stadium's home runs with 19.

How many times do the New York Yankees play in Yankee Stadium?

The New York Yankees play 81 regular season games in Yankee Stadium.

How many home runs have been hit to right field in Yankee stadium in 2009?

Johnny Damon hit 17 of his 24 homeruns at Yankee Stadium.

How many people does it take to fill up the new Yankee Stadium?

According to, the seating capacity of Yankee Stadium is 57,545. 57,545 57,545 as of 1980.

How many home runs at Yankee Stadium did Mickey Mantle hit?

Mickey Mantle hit 266 home runs at Yankee Stadium I.