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6 sole 2 heal. Most forward s use all heal studs (longest allowed) as this allows for geater grip

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Q: How many studs suitable for playing rugby?
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How many studs can you legally have on a rugby boot?

it can have 6 or more studs

How many cleats on rugby shoes?

Cleats are normally plastic and moulded to the boot sole there are normally 6 to 8 depending on the make of the boot. The normal rugby boot will have aluminium studs which screw in for replacement and these boots carry 6 to 10 studs

How did the All Blacks get they name from. When did All Blacks first start playing Rugby. How many players were playing Rugby.?

Their black kit

Where do the two long studs go on a rugby boot?

In the heel. However, many players use the same size for heel and sole

How many people have been paralyzed playing rugby?


How many players are in a rugby team at the start playing?

There are 13 players on a Rugby league team compared to 15 on a rugby union team.

How come rugby people have to wear rugby boots?

Many players where soccer boots however, rugby "boots" have a higher ankle area to protect that area when rucking or be rucked over. The term "Rugby boot" actually refers to the earliest foot-ware which were in fact working boots. the studs were small studs which were used to reduce wear on the sole on the boot. These were worn by the players who came from industry especially heavy industry and coal mining.

How many players are in a rugby l team at the start playing?

There are 13 players on a rugby league team compared to 15 on a rugby union team.

How many people die playing rugby?

40,000 to 80,000 a year

How many years has Daniel Carter been playing rugby for?


How many studs are legal to have on rugby boots?

IRB regulation vary from time to time but the number is not specified only the size, material they are made of and condition of them for match play

What would a size 11 and a half in soccer cleats be in rugby boots?

They are the same - most football boot / rugby boots have the same foot sizes - However, there are some rugby boots that sit higher in the ankle than football boots to protect the ankle from stud damage. Added to this many newer Rugby boot makes carry a 10 stud configuration (6 in the sole 4 in the heel) for great grip for the push factor they also have studs all the same length as the heel studs for the same reason

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