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a large amount of people participate in in NCAA sports.

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2009-10-30 15:48:51
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Q: How many students athletes participate NCAA sports?
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How many student athletes participate in NCAA sports?

a bunch

Can a convicted felon participate in NCAA sports?

Can a convicted felony coach NCAA sports

What has the author Billy Hawkins written?

Billy Hawkins has written: 'The new plantation: black athletes, college sports, and predominantly white NCAA institutions' -- subject(s): National Collegiate Athletic Association, Social conditions, Racism in education, Race relations, African American college students, African American athletes, Racism in sports, College sports 'The new plantation' -- subject(s): College sports, Moral and ethical aspects of College sports, College athletes, National Collegiate Athletic Association, African American athletes, Social conditions, Race relations, African American college athletes, Racism in education, African American college students, Racism in sports

What are the NCAA rules for scholarship athletes changing sports?

huh idont no dont ask me im just a freakin a-hole

Does the NBA participate in the NCAA?


How many schools participate at NCAA Men's basketball division 2?

1,000 schools participate at the NCAA division 2

How much does a college football player make?

College football players, by NCAA rules, aren't allowed to make money playing football. it is amateur sports, meaning, the athletes are not paid. it is strictly forbidden by the NCAA for a collegiate athlete to receive compensation for playing sports.

How many male NCAA athletes are there?


Percentage of black NCAA athletes?


What is the Minimum GPA for College Athletes?

In order to be eligible for NCAA sports an athlete must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 according to proposition 48.

What is Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish is the varsity sports team of the renowned University of Notre Dame. They participate in 23 NCAA Division 1 intercollegiate sports.

What percentage of all 50 states is represented in NCAA?

The percentage of all 50 states that is represented in the NCAA is 100%. There are many different sports that are covered in the NCAA. Not all NCAA sports are division I sports.

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