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Q: How many strokes would it tak to score a birdie on a par four golf hole?
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How many strokes would it take to a score a birdie on a par five golf hole?

Four (4) same as usual one under par

What is the score for a bogey on a par 3 hole?

That would be four strokes. The score would be +1.

What is a one putt on a par four called?

depends on how many strokes it took to there. if one-eagle two-birdie three-par

Eagle in golf?

An Eagle in golf is lower than a birdie. A birdie is 1 stoke below par on the hole and an Eagle is 2 strokes below par For example, on a par four, an eagle is two strokes on a par three, an eagle is not used. it is just referred to as a hole in one!

What year did player turn in wrong score in Master's?

In 1968, Roberto Di Vicenzo signed his score card stating he had a four on 17, instead of his birdie 3. The higher score stood and he would have been in a playoff, but had to settle for second place.

How many points do you get if you miss a hole in golf?

It depends how many strokes you take ! Each hole is assigned a 'Par' - that is the number of strokes you are expected to take from the tee to sinking the ball in the hole. If you sink the ball with the same number of strokes as the Par, you score zero. If you sink the ball with less strokes, you score a negative value, and if you take more shots than Par, you score a positive.For example - if a hole is a 'Par 5' - that means you're likely to take five shots from the tee, to sinking the ball in the hole. If you take four shots, you score minus 1 (-1) - commonly called a birdie. If you take six shots, you score plus 1 (+1) - a bogey.The winner is the player with the lowest score at the end of the 18-hole game.

What is a hole in three called?

It's called a birdie - if the par of the course is four. So, depends on the course. The amount of strokes by itself doesn't mean much.

What is the name for a four under par score called at a par 5?

these are the scores for strokes under par. 5 shots = par 4 shots= birdie 3 shots= eagle 2 shots= double eagle or albatross 1 shot = hole in one

What is the lowest US Open score ever?

The lowest U.S. Open Score ever was obtained by Rory McIlroy in the 2011 tournament. He finished with a four round score of 268, which put him 16 strokes under par and four strokes lower than Tiger Woods' previous record of 272 in the 2000 U.S. Open.

What does four score means?

A score is an Old English word for '20', therefore four score would be '80'

What is the definition of Four Score?

A score is old English for twenty years, so four score would be eighty years.

What is a six letter word for four score?

a "score" is 20 years so a six letter word for four score would be: Eighty

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