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Fastball in the low 90s .... a great slider and a slow curve.

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Fastball, slider, and slow curve

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Q: How many strikeouts did Steve carlton have over the course of his career?
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What are some of the accomplishments of Steve Carlton?

Steve Carlton was a 4 time Cy Young Award winner, a 10 time All Star, and the winner of the Gold Glove award in 1981. In 1972 He had the triple crown in pitching leading the league with a .197 ERA, 310 Strikeouts, and 27 wins. He lead the National League 4 times in wins, and 5 times with the most Strikeouts. Steve calton had 6 - 20 game seasons, won 329 games in his career, and 4136 career Strikeouts.

Who was the Cardinal pitcher holds the record for most strikeouts in a game?

Steve Carlton with 19 strikeouts on September 15, 1969 against the NY Nets.

Which pitcher has the most career balks?

Steve Carlton with 90 balks.

Who is the only pitcher to have 600 strikeouts with two teams?

Many pitchers have more than 600 strikeouts with two teams, including Randy Johnson, Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton, Roger Clemens, and Nolan Ryan.

How did Steve Carlton become famous?

He was a famous major league left handed pitcher. He has the second most lifetime strikeouts of any left handed pitcher.

What Phillies pitcher has the most strikeouts in one game?

In MLB, that was J.R. Richard of the Houston Astros with 15 strikeouts in a 5-3 complete game victory over the San Francisco Giants on September 5, 1971.

What pitcher holds the MLB record for most career pickoffs?

Steve Carlton. 144 picks

Steve carlton is associated with what sport?

Steve Carlton is a baseball hall of fame pitcher who played most of his career for the Philadelphia Phillies. He also pitched for the Cardinals, Giants, White Sox, Indians and Twins.

Who holds the record for most hits against Steve Carlton?

During his MLB career, Carlton gave up the most base hits to Keith Hernandez (44).

What is Steve carlton's birthday?

Steve Carlton was born on December 22, 1944.

When was Steve Carlton born?

Steve Carlton was born on December 22, 1944.

What is Steve Carlton's birthday?

Steve Carlton was born on December 22, 1944.