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Any number, as long as they release the ball within 6 seconds and do so before the ball leaves the penalty area.

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Q: How many steps can a goal keeper take before releasing the soccer ball?
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What foot should a right handed bowler begin on?

The right foot. It is more important that a right handed bowler end on the left foot, but may start on either foot. If you start on the right foot you have an even number of steps before releasing the ball. If you start on the left foot you have an odd number of steps before releasing the ball.

How many steps does a goal keeper have to take before they kick bounce or throw the ball in soccer?

The goal keeper may take as many or as few as they want. They must stay within the penalty area and release the ball within 6 seconds of taking possession. Some recreational youth leagues allow a goalkeeper to walk or run up to four steps in the run-up to a drop-punt, but this is not standard in FIFA-sanctioned matches, including adult and youth associations affiliated with FIFA.

How many steps do you take in a soccer game?

You take about 340 steps per soccer game including kicking, sprinting and how much of the game you are in it.

What is the penalty area of soccer?

10 to 13 steps from the goal.

How many steps can you take during a throw in for soccer?

You have to trow the ball in where it was kicked out but you can back up about 5 steps to take the steps to get to the place where the ball was out.

How many steps is a soccer goalkeeper allowed to take?

You have an unlimited amount of steps but you must get rid of the ball in 6 seconds

Can a soccer goalie run with the ball in his hands more than four steps?

He can take however many steps as he wants he just must release the ball before 5 seconds and cannot carry the ball outside of the goalie box.

Is it offsides in soccer when the a goalie steps up and a defender takes its place in the goal?

Offside status is measured by the second last opponent (and a few other things). The goal keeper is an opponent. In your description, the goal keeper becomes the second last opponent. This occurred recently in the FIFA World Cup 2010 opening match of South Africa vs. Mexico. The SA goal keeper stepped up to punch at the ball, causing the Mexican attacker to be in an offside position.

When is a player in or out of bounds in soccer?

When a player steps outside the white line they are out of bounds

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