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12 yards

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Q: How many steps away is a penalty kicked from?
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How many yards away should you be when doing the kick-off?

The receiving team must be at least 10 yards away from the ball's line of scrimmage when the ball is kicked. If they are not, a penalty is assessed for being offside.

What is the penalty for to many players on a soccer field?

there is no penalty they'll just take away as many players extra you have

How many steps can you take during a throw in for soccer?

You have to trow the ball in where it was kicked out but you can back up about 5 steps to take the steps to get to the place where the ball was out.

How many meters is a penalty kick?

11 meters, 11 European men steps or 12 yards, 12 US men steps (...)

What is a penalty in basketball?

One type of penalty is when a defensive player hits the hand of the shooter when shooting, or travel when you take to many steps before bouncing the basketball.

How many goals were kicked in the 2009 AFL season?

4694 in the home and away season. 219 in the finals.

How many premier league teams have not conceded a penalty at home this season?

Manchester United have gone without conceding a penalty (at home and away) for the entire season.

How many steps away do you have to be in sweeping distance in Mortal Kombat vs dc?

One jump away, or two steps, is a sweeping distance. Same as in REAL-ITY :-P

How many presidents have been kicked out of office?

0 presidents have been kicked out

How many syllables are in kicked?


What is the penalty for too many players on the field?

Its a five yard penalty.

How many yards is the penalty in the NFL for roughing the kicker?

15 yard penalty

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