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The given limit is 3 steps, in a straight line. But if you are moving at considerable speed then it's acceptable that more may be needed, a sporting agreement!

However, if you move in an arc or turn as you come to a stop, this is considered traveling and can be called as a foul.

In the newest version of the rules there is no established step number, it is a self call but a travel will be called if you go an unreasonable amount of steps, I believe the rules state something like as many steps need to slow to a stop

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Q: How many steps are you allowed after you catch the frisbee in ultimate frisbee?
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How many steps are you allowed to take in Ultimate Frisbee?

You are allowed to take three momentum steps when you catch a Frisbee. Meaning, if you are in a full sprint you can take three extra steps to slow down. However, once you establish a pivot foot you cannot take a step, you only have that pivot foot.

Can you run with the frisbee when playing ultimate frisbee?

No, if you have the disc in your hand you are not allowed to take a step, you only have a pivot foot. However, if you are in a full sprint and catch the disc, you can keep running while trying to slow down (known as momentum steps).

How is the disc moved up the field and what can you never do with the disc in ultimate Frisbee?

A team advances the disc in ultimate frisbee by tossing the disc to a teammate. However, if the disc hits the ground it is a turnover. Also, you may never run with the disc in ultimate (the mythical "three steps rule" does not exist-you can slow to a stop if you're in a sprint to catch the disc).

How do you play ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is a lot like football. There are two teams comprised of an equal number of players. The game is usually played on a football field so each team begins in their designated endzone (the field canbe shortened by determining the end zones as certain yard lines). One tea begins with the frisbee and yells out ULITMATE! before launching it to the other team (a lot like a kick off). Once a player of the other team has the frisbee they are only allowed to pivot on one leg (they're not permitted to take any steps) from here, they must throw the frisbee to another player on the team. This continues until a member of the team catches the frisbee in the end zone in which that team scores a point and the process starts over. However, if the frisbee is dropped it makes it an automatic recovery for the other team and the game continues, the same with an interception. If a frisbee is thrown out of bounds it is taken up by the other team from where it left the playing field. The game is over when a certain team has reached the designated amount of points (voted prior to the beginning of the game) or a team forfeits.

How many steps for a layup allowed?

In basketball, you are allowed to take two (2) steps when going in for a layup.

Are you allowed to run with the ball in baseball?

your allowed to run dribbling the ball but your only allowed 3 steps holding it

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How many steps are you allowed to take in netball?

Your not allowed to step with the ball at all. Or elseyou will get pulled up for stepping.

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Why do netball players need balance?

They need balance because when they catch the ball they are only allowed to take two steps after they land otherwise it is a foal. They also need to have balance because of when they pivot they have to keep one foot on the ground.