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Q: How many sports stadiums are there in England?
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How many olympic stadiums are there in England?


Should sports stadiums be subsidized?

no they should not. sports stadiums are made the size they are for a reason

What are the names of cricket stadiums in England?

I am unsure of all the stadiums in England but i think one of the best is Lords.

How many professional sports stadiums still have real organs?

Miller Park in Milwaukee does.

How many sports stadiums does Singapore have?


How many people can an average soccer stadium seat in England?

On average, the stadiums in England hold 36362 people.

How many points do the New England Patriots average in domed stadiums?

Over 30.

What are the stadiums with attendance of more than 50k in London?

There are several stadiums in London England that can have an attendance of more than 50K. Wembley Stadium and Olympic Stadium are two stadiums in London that can hold that many people.

Are there any baseball stadiums in England?

There are baseball stadiums in England, though they are not of the stature of those located in the United States. Baseball is not as popular a sport in England, taking a lower place after Football (soccer) and rugby. Prior to World War 2, baseball clubs shared playing grounds with football clubs, but now many of the baseball clubs in England have their own stadiums.

How many stadiums in Mexico?

There are over 113 stadiums for professional sports in Mexico:46 Football (soccer) stadiums27 Baseball stadiums16 auto racing stadiums9 American Football stadiums9 Bullfighting stadiums6 Multi-purpose stadiums

Which sports team owns their stadiums?

The New York Yankees

What is that suspense song from sports stadiums?

There are lots, jaws maybe?

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