How many sports require judges?

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boxing, fighting, figure skating, diving, moguls, gymnastics, ski jumping

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Q: How many sports require judges?
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How many sports should schools require?

they should require at least 5-6

What water sports require a license?

The most common licence that is needed for water sports is a fishing license. Depending on the country, many of the motorized equipment used in water sports require a license.

How many types of butterfly sports are there?

Butterfly sports are sports that require a bat or racket to be played. There are many types including table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis itself.

What sports require the use of speed?

Well, all sports require technique and skill. If the sport you play requires speed as a technique or skill, then you will be expected to have speed. Not all sports require speed, but then other skills are required.

What type of sports would require the use of a sports bra for woman?

Most types of sports that would require a sports bra for most women include sports like gymnastics and figure skating, as well as soccer and basketball as well.

What are pay-to-play sports?

Pay-to-play sports require payments to play.

What sports do you use coordination in?

All team sports require co-ordination.

What is non-endurance sports?

Non-endurance sports are those sports which do not require a great deal of endurance.

What percentage of sports require boots?

i only that football and soccer require boots

What sports require skill?

Almost all sports require some sort of skill some require more than others but soccer is probably the most skill requiring sport out there. Other sports require quite a bit of luck like baseball and others require lots of strength like football and rugby.

What sports do you need strength for?

Olympic Weight Lifting and Rock climbing are some great sports that require strength. But they also require determination. !

What sports require aerobic power?

It is gymnastics.

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