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Sports marketing

sports managements

nfl jobs

nba jobs

Baseball jobs

ncaa jobs

sports meia

sports broadcastings

sports sales

sports internship

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Q: How many sports related jobs exist in America?
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Jobs that exist now that did not exist 50 years ago?

Anything computer related.

What Jobs are Related to a sports agent?

well some jobs related to a sports agen could be trainers and coaches. i cant think of anymore roght off the top of my head

What jobs didn't exist years ago?

All the computer related jobs did not exist before the invention of the computer. All the electrical engineer jobs did not exist before the commercial use of electricity, All the printing/news paper jobs did not exist before thew invention of the printing press. All the news broadcasting jobs did not exist before the invention of radio and television. All the aircraft related jobs did not exist before the invention of the air plane. All the Hollywood film jobs and film stars did not exist before the invention of moving pictures. I could go on but I think this gives you the idea.

What jobs can you get with a sports qualification?

Jobs to do with sports.

Is having a sports management degree important?

If your career will be in sports then it is a must have degree. Whether your goal is to become a coach or anything related to sports having this degree prepares you for management, administrative, and marketing careers in sports and or jobs related or dealing with any sport activity.

When was Sports Jobs with Junior Seau created?

Sports Jobs with Junior Seau was created in 2009.

What sports did Steve jobs play?

he did some sports

What do the Danish people do for recreation?

sports, café-life, social life, more sports, jobs, jobs and more jobs :b

What jobs do most people have in the Netherlands?

That depends, but all the jobs that exist in the US, exist in the Netherlands too..

What jobs exist now that did not exist in the 1900?

Mcdonalds worker

What are 5 jobs that do not exist anymore?

what is the 5 jobs that dont exist but are no longer needed anymore why did it go away

Is hospital employment on the rise in the US?

Jobs related to hospital employment are plentiful. Jobs exist in hospital administration, as well as in nursing. Demand is also high for hospital-based physicians.

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