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The Olympic Games program consists of 35 sports

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Q: How many sports are there in the Olympics?
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How many sports will there be during the Beijing Olympics?

31 sports at the Beijing Olympics 31 sports at the Beijing Olympics

How many sports in the Olympics?

28 sports (games) are in the Olympics

Which Sports has not been an event at the Summer Olympics?

There are many, many sports that have not been events in the Olympics

How many sports are at the Olympics?

there are 32 events in the olympics.

How many sports and events are in the Olympics?

There will be 300 events in 26 sports at the 2012 Olympics.

How many sports are in the olypmics?

There are 30 sports in olympics

How many different sports were in the Olympics?

26 sports

How many sports were play in 2004 Olympics?

There were 33 sports played during 2004 olympics.

How many Olympics sports events from a to z?

There is twenty six different sports in the Olympics, did you know that?

How many sports were in the 1st Olympics?

There Were Infact Only 7 Sports When The Olympics Started,:D

In the 2010 winter Olympics how many sports are there?

There are currently 15 sports for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

How many sports were in the Olympics?

over 20 games in the Olympics

Did boxing get put in the Olympics?

no it did not get put in the olympics because there were to many sports in the olympics

How many Olympics sports are there?


How many sports are in an Olympics?


How many sports are not in the Olympics?


How many sports are Canada playing in the Olympics?

10 Sports

How many sports will be held at the Beijing Olympics?

31 sports

How many types of sports at Olympics 2008?

28 sports.

How many sports were played in the first Olympics?

9 sports.

Is Russia in the Olympics?

Yes they are in many many sports.

How many games are in the Olympic games?

There are 29 sports in the Summer Olympics (although only 26 sports will be at the 2012 Olympics). There are 15 sports in the Winter Olympics (all 15 were held at the 2010 Olympics).

How many sports are competed in at the Olympics?


How many sports sre there in the Olympics?


How many sports are held in the Olympics?