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there are about 24 different kinds of sports in America.

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Q: How many sports are their in America?
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How many sports in America?

There are about 137 sports in America.

How many kids play sports in America?

About 30 million kids does sports in America.

What is the top 3 sports in America?

There are a great many top sports in the United States of America. These sports include football, baseball, and swimming.

How many traditional sports are there in America?


How many people in America play sports?

Aproximently 37.6% of people in the world play sports in America on a regular basis.

How many sport team are there in the America?

There are over hundreds of sports teams in America

In America how many people have sports scholarships?

Having in sports scholarships is an exceptional idea

How many people in America participate in sports?

not a lot

What kinds of sports in north America?

There are many sports in North America the most common are: basketball, football, soccer, golf and baseball. There are also many less common sports that are very fun like badminton, hockey and many others. I just have to say my favorite sports are golf and basketball

How many sports does America has?

America has a total of nine sports including rugby, soccer, baseball, football, softball, lacrosse, golf, karate, and swimming.

How many middle schools in America offer sports?


How many women play professional sports-in-America?

Ask Kaden Daley from Leeds

What is the largest sports complex in America for shopping?

There are many large sports complexes spread out across the United States. However, American Sports Centers located in Anaheim, California is known to be the largest sports shopping complex in America.

What kind of sports do people in South America play?

They play many sports, but the most dominant sport is soccer.

Are there any new sports in America?

They don't have any new sports in America.

When did Sports Museum of America end?

Sports Museum of America ended in 2009.

How many sports related jobs exist in America?

Sports marketing sports managements nfl jobs nba jobs baseball jobs ncaa jobs sports meia sports broadcastings sports sales sports internship

Has the emphasis on school sports for girls brought womens sports to a higher standard in America?

yes and has made more women across America played sports Yes it has and in many schools womens sports are just as emphazized if not more than the boys sports like mine for example.

When was Sports Museum of America created?

Sports Museum of America was created on 2008-05-07.

When did Heart of America Sports Attractions end?

Heart of America Sports Attractions ended in 1988.

When was Heart of America Sports Attractions created?

Heart of America Sports Attractions was created in 1948.

When was Sports Car Club of America created?

Sports Car Club of America was created in 1944.

What percentage of people in the US plays sports?

62% of males play competitive sports in America. 48%of females play competitive sports in America.

What are some Columbia sports?

Whatever America sports are what columbians do

Where did sports started?