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=I think there is 28=

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Q: How many sports are going to be played in the Beijing olympic?
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What are the Olympic games going to be played at Olympics in 2008?

That was last year in Beijing. Google "Beijing Olympics 2008"

How many Olympic sports are going to be played this year?


Is rugby union going to be played in the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

No, rugby union has not been an Olympic event since 1924.

2008 olympic games?

Are the most recent Olympic games, held in Beijing, China. They are going on right now.

How many Olympic sports are there going to be?


Is Beth Tweedle going to take part in the Olympic Games in Beijing?

bum hole

Is the pentathlon one of the Olympic sports in 2012?

Yes. The modern pentathlon is going to be played in both the men's and women's Olympics.

Are bmx bikes used in the Olympics?

Yes, BMX bikes were used in the 2008 Beijing Olympic and is going to be used in the 2012 London Olympic.

How many different sports are going to be in the olympic games in 2012?


Where are the 2008 winter olympics going to be held?

The 2008 Olympic Games are in Beijing, China. (It is the Summer Olympics, not Winter)

How many French athletes are going to Beijing from France?

There are 708 athletes competing for France at the 2008 Olympic games.

How many sports are there going to be in London 2012 Olympic?

26 Sports and 39 disciplines and 302 different medal events