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about 5,666 most are related to Surfing

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Q: How many sport related injuries are there each year in Australia?
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How many work related injuries occur each year in the us?


Amount of people die from cocaine related deaths in Australia each year?

Amount of people die from cocaine related deaths in Australia each year?

How much money is spent each year on sport related gambling?


Why is cricket the most popular sport in Australia?

Well i think because Rugby and Aussie Rules compeat with each other in the winter but Cricket is the main sport in Summer meaning the whole of Australia play it

How many injuries from falls in tubs and showers?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are about 234,094 bathroom-related injuries in the US each year. This number includes falls in tubs and showers as well as other injuries in the bathroom.

What is the state bird for Australia?

Australia is not a state. Each state in Australia has its own, please see the related link below: (AUSTRALIANS are allowed to differ!)

How many people die each year in Australia from alcohol related crashes?

about 0.11

How much sport does Australia play each day?

an absolute *&^% laod ok a *&^% load for *&^% sake how much sport do you thunk ha yeah common *&^%ing sense *&^%

How many athletes have died because of injuries sustained in a game?

About 3.5 million people are hurt in various sports. The sports with the most injuries is basketball with a half a million getting hurt. This is followed by bicycle accidents with head injuries resulting in death. Drowning while swimming and skiing accidents also are high in death data. The sources I used to get this information did not break down the exact number of deaths out of each sport, just the numbers hurt in each sport.

What shows the yearly totals for work related injuries and illnesses and must be posted from february 1st to April 30th each year?


The shows the yearly totals for work-related injuries and illnesses and must be posted from February 1st to April 30th each year.?


Is cricket a australian sport?

No it comes from the UK. But Australia was one of the first countries to play. Australia and England were the first 2 national teams to compete against each in a test match

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