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161 million

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Q: How many spectators attended the 2011 NFL game?
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How many spectators attended the 2010 Super Bowl game?

It was attended by 74,059 fans.

How many people attended Download Festival Donington 2011?

75,000 people attended Download 2011.

How many spectators were at the first Olympic games?

Answer (Vague)Around 20000 spectators attended the first olympic gamesAnswer (Accurate)We don't actually know.The first Olympic games were in Ancient Greece, recording the number of spectators was not a concern for the Ancient Greeks.

How many people attended the first NBA game?

The first NBA game was attended by 7,090 people.

How many people attended the 2011 royal rumble?

there were 40 people who attended in the royal rumble

How many people attended the all Ireland football final 2011?

82,300 people attended the event.

How many people attended the 2011 super bowl?

103,219 people attended Super Bowl XLV.

How many times has the president gone to the Super Bowl?

No sitting US president has attended a Superbowl game. Obama stated that if the Bears play in the 2011 game, he might attend.

How many spectators watch moto gp?

how many spectators were at australian moto gp in 2012

How many people was looking at Jackie Robinson first game?

If you are asking how many spectators came to watch Jackie Robinson's game as the first African American playing in major league baseball then the answer is 26,623 spectators. That date was April 15, 1947. Of course this was not the 'first' baseball game that Jackie played.

How many people attended the Oscar Awards in February 2011?

47 thousand

How many members attended srm exam 2011?

Around 6 Lacks.

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