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100 when you get to team then to higher levels

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Q: How many skills are there on floor in gymnastics?
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3 skills in gymnastics?

There are 4 main skills in gymnastics, they are: The Vault, The Balance Beam, The Floor, and The Uneven Bars

What are the different floor skills and gymnastics?

John michadl o gosanes

In gymnastics what is tumbling also known as?

In gymnastics, tumbling, also known as power tumbling is an acrobatic sporting discipline which combines some of the skills of artistic gymnastics on the floor with those of trampolining.

Show the actual pictures of the basic skills of gymnastics?

To find images of the basic position in gymnastics simply do a basic Internet search. Use the string of words, "images basic positions gymnastics" and you should find what you are looking for in the top results.

What are the skills in gymnastics for all events levels 1 10?

There are many different skills! They range from a tuck jump to a back tuck. In all levels you compete floor,vault,beam, and bars but they are all different skills according to level.

What skills do you use in gymnastics?

Strength, flexibility,dance. That's about all I could think of but there are many others. Think about it as the apparatus used - floor, beam, bars, vault, trampoline, rings etc and what skills you use do them.

How are rhythymic gymnastics and gymnastics the same?

No rhythmic gymnastics uses balls ,hoops and ribbons only on floor normal gymnastics is movements on floor vault beam and bars

What are some examples of floor routines in gymnastics?

go to and surch gymnastics/ floor. plenty will come up. if you are looking for a certain level then type in gymnastics/ floor/ level ___.

What are the different terminologies and the basic skills in gymnastics?

There is a *lot* of terminology in gymnastics. I couldn't possibly list it all. I suggest Googling a gymnastics dictionary. What do you mean by basic skills? Basic skill for pre-competitive? Level 4? Level 8? Level 10?

Is gymnastics aerobic?

Yes especially floor tumbling gymnastics.

How many minutes is a level 7 floor routine for gymnastics?

2:19 seconds

How do you do a level 2 floor routine in gymnastics?

There are four sports in gymnastics that have a floor routine. Which are you refering too?* USA Gymnastic Sports w/FX routineArtistic Gymnastics Men'sArtistic Gymnastics Woman'sRhythmic GymnasticsAcrobatic Gymnasticsin USA gymnastics there is alsoPower Tumble and Trampoline GymnasticsGroup Gymnastics