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chennai super kings

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Q: How many sixes were hit by team Chennai Super Kings in IPL2?
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Who was the man of the tournament in ipl2?

Adam gilchrist

Where did the final match of IPL2 held?


Who is the most wicket-taker in ipl2?

Rp singh

Who is youngest player in IPL2?

Kamran Khan from Rajasthan

Who hit the logest six in IPL2 cricket?

Robin Uthappa as of now...

When will Shane Watson come back in ipl2?

will be available from the next match

Which team scored the highest runs in ipl2?

Matthew Hayden (CSK) - 572 runs highest

What was Mumbai Indians home ground for the IPL2?

No Specific Home Ground as IPL was held in South Africa. for Season 2 in 2009.

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