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21 in Test matches and 42 in ODI's.

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Q: How many sixes hit by rahul dravid in his tast and odi cricket?
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How many runs made rahul dravid in test cricket?

13288 Runs.

How many half centuries in test cricket by rahul dravid?

He hit 63 half centuries.

How many century partnerships have been made by Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid in Test Matches?

Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid have made 19 century partnerships in the Test Cricket and it's a world record.

How many hours Rahul Dravid has spend in his lifetime in international test cricket?

164 Test match & 301 inns

How many test matches has rahul dravid played?

Rahul Dravid played 142 test matches (as of 30 August, 2010).

How many world cup matches played by dravid?

how many world cup rahul dravid did

How many double hundreds does Rahul Dravid Scored?

Rahul Dravid has not hit any consecutive double hundreds.

How many centuries did Rahul Dravid score in ODIs?


How many time rahul dravid out in 90 in odi?


Why for many people is the symbol of the great wall?

Rahul "the wall " dravid

How many man of the match awards did rahul dravid get?

26 chance

How many runs have rahul dravid scored in the year 2009?