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Research in the Library of Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum would suggest that the longest rally in a tournament was one in which the ball passed over the net 643 times. The competitors were Jean Hepner and Vicky Nelson at Richmond, Virginia USA in October 1984. Nelson went on to win the match. (posted by the Commercial Manager, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum).

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It depends upon the players. we cannot tell how many they can play.

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Q: How many shots were in the longest ever professional tennis rally?
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What is sequence of shots in tennis called?

A rally.

What is the longest volley in tennis?

what do you mean? According to Guinness World Records (TM), the longest "contrived" tennis rally is 25,944 strokes by identical twin brothers Angelo & Ettore Rossetti set on 9-10 August 2008 at the North Haven Health & Racquet club in North Haven, CT. The rally lasted 14 hours and 31 minutes.

What is a rally in racket sports?

A rally in tennis is a sequence of shots within a point.A rally starts with serve and return of the serve, and a sequence of shots until the point is won by one of the players.

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What are two shots in tennis?

a forhand and a backhand.

What is short tennis?

Short tennis is normally where you play a normal game of tennis, except in the service box/es. This is good for practising angled shots, and drop shots. Hope this helped! If this question helped you, please recommend me! =)

What are four basic shots in tennis?

Forehand, backhand, serve, and volleys.

What's the difference between a rally and a volley?

A rally is an exchange of shots between players, while a volley is a type of shot which involves hitting the ball before it bounces on the ground.

Rally definition in badminton?

A rally is the part where the two players play the game non- stop. It can go on for long periods of time and is really disappointing for the player who ends the rally as they lose that point!

What is the collective noun of volley?

The noun "volley" is used as a collective noun for a volley of shots; a term used for gunfire or for tennis.

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