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Q: How many shots have Michael Jordan made?
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How many Michael Jordan game winning shots?

Michael Jordan has made 25 game winning shots during his career.

How many shots did Michael Jordan make?

He made 14502

How many shots did Michael Jordan miss in his career?


How many game winning shots did Michael Jordan have?


How many shots did Michael Jordan make in his career?


How many shots did Michael Jordan make in the NBA?

too many to be an average player

How many shots did Michael Jordan shot in his fist game?

6 7 8

How many dunks did Michael Jordan make in his career?

alot maybe all shots were dunks for him

How many shots did Michael Jordan average per game?

22.9 fg/game in his career

How many shoes has Michael Jordan made?


How many free throws did Michael Jordan make?

Michael Jordan attempted 8, 772 free throws during his career in basketball. This is the 4th most free throws in basketball league history. Of the 8,772 shots, he made 7,327. This is a .835 percentage.

How many points did Michael Jordan get before he retired?

Michael Jordan made a total of 32,292 points over the course of his career.

How many baskets has Michael Jordan made in his life?

too many to count

How many pairs of Air Jordans has Michael Jordan made?


How many different Michael Jordan cards have been made?


How many shots did Jordan miss his career?


How many players from the Chicago bulls made the hall of fame?

Michael Jordan

How many kids does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan has 3 kids

How many MVP awards does Michael Jordan have?

michael jordan has 12 MVP

How many shots did Micheal Jordan make in the NBA?


How many years did Michael Jordan play?

michael jordan played 19 years

How many sisters and brothers does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan has 5 brothers and sisters.

Did Michael Jordan ever miss a basket?

Yes. He missed many of them. He shot in the high .400's so he missed a little more than half of the shots that he took. That is great considering that teams constructed defenses around him. In a commercial he proudly states his the number of shots he has missed, then he tells the number of clutch shots that he has made.

How many jordan shoes have been made?

Over 5 million of Jordan shoes have been made. Michael Jordan was the first athlete to reach the one billion US dollar mark.

How many MVP awards did Michael Jordan get?

Michael Jordan got 5 mvp awards