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go pee on a dog

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Q: How many shots does the other team get for a technical foul?
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How many shots for a technical foul?

A technical foul results in one free throw with no other players around. play resumes right after the free throw

How many shots is a technical foul?


How many shots are given for a technical foul in basketball?


In high school basketball how many shots do you get for a technical foul?

you go on the free throw line and get 2 shots

How many shots for a technical foul in a high school basketball game?


6 players on the court for a team. How many free throws should the onther team receive?

It is a technical foul. Thus, 2 shots followed by possession of the ball at mid-court.

How many points for a foul in basketball'?

When a foul is committed the player receives 1 personal foul. Their opponent is allowed to shoot up to 3 foul shots depending on if the basket is made or not made when they are fouled. If the shot was not made when they shot inside the 3 point line, they are awarded 2 foul shots. If the shot was not made from the 3 point line, they are awarded 3 foul shots. If the shot is made in either situation (from the 3 point line or inside the 3 point line), they are awarded 1 foul shot.

How can a player get a technical foul?

That depends if you want to be the one causing it or the one who wants to shoot because of a technical. To cause it all you have to do is foul purposely and make sure the ref sees it. As well as slamming the ball after a score by the other team or cursing in general to show unsportsmanship , there are really many ways to get a technical foul which i suggest you dont bother getting. In order to be the one getting fouled provoked the one you want to cause the foul. You can also try to make a regular foul seem intentional and very aggresice like.

How many times can you foul in basketball?

2 technical fouls and 6 fouls

Penalty for too many players on the basketball court?

A technical foul will be charged

How many free throws with technical foul in high school?

three i think

How many technical foul can you get in basketball before missing a game?

You can only get 7 technical fouls before missing a 1 game.

How many points is a technical foul worth?

They're all worth one point.

What are the Cleveland Cavaliers strengths and weaknesses?

One of their many weaknesses is making and staying consistent on their foul shots

What is a Double foul in basketball?

It's usually double "technical foul," meaning two players are showing unsportsmanship to each other. For example, Paul Pierce might shove Chris Bosh because he blocked his guranteed shot or something. You wil find many great videos from YouTube. Just type in "double technical." Hope this helped.

How many points gives the shots from foul line?

one point for each basket made from the free throw line.

How many free throws do you get to take on a technical foul?

You get 2 free throws in college and 1 free throw in the NBA.

How does a referee in basketball determine how many free shots are awarded when a player is fouled when shooting?

A regular foul is two shots per trip. However, When a person fouls extra hard, and the ref calls a flagerant, the person fouled gets three shots, or, if not in the mode of shooting, gets two shots and the ball. When a person is fouled and makes the shot, they get one free throw. When a technicam foul is called, the player with the best free-throw percentage on the team gets one shot.

How many players can dress for a big ten basketball game?

All of them. If a player shows up naked, I believe it is a technical foul.

If you get fouled shooting a 3 pointer how many foul shots do you get?

if you are fouled in the act of shooting beyond the 3 point mark, you will be given 3 free throw shots unless the ball gets in then you will only be given a free throw shot as a bonus.

How many foul shots a player receives when the ball is shot?

it depends where it is shot and where the player was fouled, or whether or not the shot makes it in the basket while the whistle is blown.

A basketball player shoots 33 percent from the foul line. How many shots must he take to make 100 baskets?

that would be 1 out of 3 so 300?

How many fouls until a foul out in major league baseball?

There is no limit; however, if a foul ball is caught by the other team, then the batter is out.

What is a experiment on accuracy?

Accuracy is depended on how many "shots" you take to a certain target. If the "shots" are close to each other , you have good accuracy.

What is a foul in basketball?

A foul is when you create too much physical contact with another player. For instance, hitting their arm on a shot attempt (or hitting their arm at all), pushing them, holding their jersey, tripping them (accidentally or not), and so on. You will be assessed with one foul, and if you reach 6 fouls (in the NBA; college has 5 fouls), you will be disqualified from the game and will have to watch from the bench.If you are fouled when shooting the ball, you will get free throws. If you were shooting a two point shot, you will get two free throws, and if it was a three point shot, you will get three free throws. If you made the shot and got fouled (two point or three point), you will get one free throw at the line.Double FoulA double foul is when two players commit personal fouls against each other at the same time, resulting in no free-throws for either team. These type of fouls usually happen when both players are frustrated with each other.Technical FoulA technical foul is usually assessed for unsportsman like conduct towards another player, referee, team, etc. For instance, if you dunk on an opponent and then wave your finger at him as if to say "get out of my house," you would be assessed with a technical foul. Other common technical fouls arise from arguing with the referee too much (the most common, considered unsportsman like conduct), hanging on the rim, or having too many players on the floor at one time. Technical fouls usually result in one-free throw.If a player is stationed in the key (colored rectangle underneath baskets) for three seconds, that team is given a technical foul. If it was an offensive player who picked it up, the other team gets the ball, and if the defensive player picks it up, the other team shoots one free throw.If you receive two technical fouls during a game, you are automatically ejected. Thus, players are always cautious after picking up one technical foul.Double TechnicalA double technical is usually given to two players under an intense or frustrating situation. For instance, if two players are fighting for position and give each other a shove after the play is over (or during the play), both will be hit with a double technical. No free throws are shot from this ruling.Flagrant FoulA flagrant foul is a foul that involves over-excessive contact. For instance, if a player is going up for a layup and the opponent takes a swipe at his head, knocking him hard to the floor, that player who took the swipe will be hit with a flagrant foul. A flagrant foul results in two players for the player who got hit by the opponent (in this case, the player who went up for the layup) as well as the ball for another posession.Two types of flagrant fouls are given: a flagrant one and flagrant two foul. If you are given a flagrant one, you will stay in the game. If you are given a flagrant two, you will automatically be ejected from the game.Clear Path FoulA clear path foul is given to a player who fouls an opponent in the open court when there is no one in front of that player. For example, say player one stole the ball and is going to the other end of the court to score, and there is no player in front of him. If player b comes and fouls player one to prevent him from having an uncontested layup, player b will be hit with a clear path foul. This results in player a shooting two free throws, and after he has shot them, his team will be awarded another posession. This is aimed to prevent teams from fouling players to make them earn their points from the line even though the player is going to have an uncontested layup.