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Q: How many shots did rebecca lobo shoot?
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Who many kids does Rebecca lobo have?

Rebecca Lobo have three kids

What did Rebecca Lobo disagree with?

how many shoots did you have in 2006-2008

How many shots can you shoot with a 20oz co2 can for a paintball gun?

09 oz can shoot around 500-700 shots12 oz can shoot around 700-900 shots16 oz can shoot around 900-1100 shots20 oz can shoot around 1100-1300 shots24 oz can shoot around 1300-1500 shots

How many shots can a 20oz tank shoot?

09 oz can shoot around 500-700 shots 12 oz can shoot around 700-900 shots 16 oz can shoot around 900-1100 shots 20 oz can shoot around 1100-1300 shots 24 oz can shoot around 1300-1500 shots

How many shots can an automatic pistol shoot?

10, 20, 30 or as many shots as a magazine will hold for that gun................

How many shots does it take to kill a lion?

It pretty much depends where you shoot him and 3,4,5,6 shots

How many shots does it take to shoot out a 223 barrel?

10,000 full loads or so.

How many shots can a 72ci 3000psi pure energy air canister shoot?

It completely depends on the gun. I would GUESS somewhere around 600 shots.

How many rounds does a co2 pistol shoot?

It all depends on the model but you will most likely get 50 plus shots.

How many shots does it take for a 20 oz co2 tank to run out?

A 20oz co2 tank will on average shoot about 1000 shots. This will vary if you have a response trigger, cyclone feed or regulator on your gun.

How many shots can you get with a 12oz co2 tank with a spyder victor?

I have a spider sonix,and I can shoot probably about 1000 before it gets low

How many bbs can you shoot with one c02 cartridge?

It depends on the model of the BB gun. But usually between 60 to 100 shots

What basketball games can you play with two players?

one on one, horse, who can dribble the longest, who can shoot as many shots from wherever in _____ tries and ............ yeah

If you shoot 20 rounds under par what is your handicap?

It depends how many shots under par you shot and the difficulty of the course. But it would be + something.

How many shots can you take with a 12 gram Co on a paint-ball pistol?

i dont know the assact put mine can shoot 50 accurately

When A soldier shooting at a target hits it 40 percent of the time how many times must he shoot in order to register 100 hits?

250 shots

How many shots are in a 12oz co2 tank?

The number of shots provided per tank is really dependent on the tanks size. I am the captain of the Bullit Paintball team, and I usually use a 20oz tank. With my 20oz I will get anywhere between 800-1000 shots, depending how fast I shoot. I would say that you'll usually get around 500 shots, and a max of 600 shots with your 12oz.

Who are the famous women who changed the world?

There are many women famous women who changed the world. Such as: Sally Ride, Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, Sandra Day O' Connor, Rebecca Lobo, Venus Williams, Hillary Clinton, Shirley Temple Black, and many more.

How many paintballs can a spyder victor 3000psi marker shoot with a 16oz tank?

You are looking at around 500 shots. Victors are not the most efficient markers out there, especially with Co2

Who are the top UCONN female basketball players of all time?

Definately Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Swim Cash, Maria Conlon, Rebecca Lobo, and many many more great players! In my opion I think in a few years Maya Moore will be on this list, but we'll see!

How many bullets can the air rifle store?

Air rifles don't shoot bullets, they shoot BB's or Pellets. Each model is different. Some shoot one pellet at a time and must be reloaded for each shot. Others can hold multiple BB or pellets, it just depends on the model.

How many shots in 750 ml of vodka?

12 shots

How many times do they say shots in the song shots?


How many kids does Rebecca Romijn have?

Rebecca Romijn has 2 children

How many kids does Rebecca Hall have?

Rebecca Hall has 1 child