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It depends if it is a par 3 then it is three shots if it is a par 4 then it is 4 shots ect.

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Q: How many shots are in a par?
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How many shots are you allowed over par on each hole?

As many as it takes to get the ball in the hole. Shots over par will reduce your score though.

How many strokes would it be for a bogey on a par four?

A bogey on a par 4 is 5 shots.

In golf what is 2 shots below par called?

2 shots below par is an Eagle.

What is the name for a four under par score called at a par 5?

these are the scores for strokes under par. 5 shots = par 4 shots= birdie 3 shots= eagle 2 shots= double eagle or albatross 1 shot = hole in one

What is under par?

1 shot is hole in one 1 shot under par is birdie 2 shots under par is eagle 3 shots under par is albatross Over par is boogie.

What is a par in golf?

no sweatpar is the score or number of strokes it should take the average player to complete each hole. for ex. if a hole is par 3 and you take 3 shots to get it in the hole then you have finished that hole par. but if you take 4 shots you are one over par or if you take 2 shots you are one under par. par is NOT what the average player can do. Par is how many strokes a very skilled golfer should take for each hole.

How many Stableford points does a player get for a hole in one on a par 3 when the player in question gets 2 shots on that hole?

6 points for a hole in one on a par 3 with 2 shots.

What is a eagle in golf?

A eagle in golf is when you score 2 under par on a hole. For example on a par 5 you make it in the hole in 3 shots or par 4 in 2 shots

What is GIR in golf?

GIR is green(s) in regulation. This means the player hits the green in the number of shots determined as regulation. On a par three it is one shot, par four it is two shots and par five is three shots.

What does the term par mean in golf?

Par is how many shots you are allowed to complete a given hole in. There are par 3s, par 4s and par 5s. In very very rare cases there are par 6s. On a par 3 you are allowed 1 shot in regulation to hit the green, and two putts. On a par 4 you are allowed to hit the green in two shots in regulation and two putts. On a par 5 you are allowed 3 shots to hit the green in regulation and two putts. You don't have to do it that way obviously, but that is how the holes are broken down and pars calculated.

If you shoot 20 rounds under par what is your handicap?

It depends how many shots under par you shot and the difficulty of the course. But it would be + something.

How is a par determined?

Par is determined by the course manager/ designer. A hole has it's par determined by how many shots it takes to get to the green, plus regulation 2 putts. There are some holes which can be par 3 or par 4 or par 5 depending on where the tees are.

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